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 Neighborhood Outreach

As part of the development of the Create Wilmington Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood planning area meetings will be held throughout the city to gather input from residents on their desired future for their community. The results of these meetings will serve as the building blocks for the policy recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan. In order to facilitate this community outreach effort, the city has been divided into 12 planning areas (see Citywide Planning Areas Map). These citywide planning areas have been created based on current development patterns, streets, and natural features. Within these citywide planning areas are a collection of smaller neighborhood areas (see Neighborhood Planning Areas Map). Neighborhood areas may include several neighborhoods, developments, or subdivisions, and both residential and nonresidential uses. A total of 12 neighborhood planning area meetings, one in each of the 12 citywide planning areas, will be held over the next several months at various locations across the city.

Kids are welcome to attend!

A Kids’ Corner will be set up with input exercises geared specifically for our younger citizens.

April Neighborhood Meeting Schedule

Historic Downtown-Old Wilmington
Thursday, April 3rd, 6:30pm
Community Arts Center
120 S. 2nd Street
Seagate South 
Thursday, April 24th, 6:30pm
Bradley Creek Elementary (cafeteria)
6211 Greenville Loop Road

Connect Wilmington

Log on to Connect Wilmington to submit ideas, review other ideas, comment, vote, take surveys and much more!

 What is a Comprehensive Plan? (pdf)

Wilmington’s comprehensive plan will describe a vision for how we experience our community – how we get around, where we live, the way buildings and streets look, and where we play. Trying to contemplate all of these ideas at once can be daunting. Join us in one or more of these efforts to get involved and help chart the course!

Take the Survey!

Did you know that the population of Wilmingtonians age 65 and older is expected to increase by almost 110% in the next 25 years? What are we doing to address the needs of an aging population? What can we do to be better prepared? Take this short survey now! 

Meeting in a Box

Do you want to help define the future of Wilmington? Do you want to create the vision for the city’s comprehensive plan? Are you part of a group that wants to participate to create Wilmington?

Meeting in a Box is designed for community groups, neighborhood associations, or friends to gather at a convenient time and location to share their opinions about the future of the city.  The Meeting in a Box kit contains everything you need to conduct a meeting!

Meeting in a Box (pdf)

Meeting Invite Template (doc)

Got a group?

What is a comprehensive plan? Why are we creating one now? If you’re interested in having a speaker come to your group to introduce the comprehensive plan, please contact Christine Hughes.

Lunch and Learn

Because we’re all about connecting you with the information you need to help define the vision for the future of our community, we would like to help you get better acquainted with the issues facing our community and our existing tools and resources.

The Lunch and Learn series will return in January.  Check back here for more information and updates!

Presentations from the August Lunch and Learn can be found here:

City of Wilmington demographics          UNCW demographics