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  1. Have lived in Wilmington 23 years…seen a lot of growth . I do not like to see all of our trees disappearing and three story apartment buildings replacing them…Is this the future of living space ?

  2. I look forward to working with you again soon. I always learn something new from you in either content or form that I can then reuse elsewhere.

  3. I’d love for someone to realize how much Market Street/17 Business needs a makeover, specifically as you are heading north from Martin Luther King Blvd./Eastwood Rd. intersection up thru Ogden. Even simply paving the street one solid color would make it more aesthetically pleasing! How about some landscaping ordinances to get some of the older businesses looking better? Plus it is such a dangerous road if you’re trying to turn left out of some streets and businesses. I’d love to start a N. Market Street Makeover campaign!

  4. Move Highway US17 out of downtown!
    First on the list of things “to-do” is re-route Business 17 so that it no longer runs down Market St. and onto S. 3rd St. Having a highway run through the center of the densest urban historic residential district is a public safety disaster, and divides our neighborhood like a wall. US 17 should be directed to Wooster-Dawson further East, and S 3rd St should be restored to a 2 lane road with a wide, park-like median (as it once was).

  5. The Seagate area does not want a bunch of apartment housing or high density construction. Long ago it was decided single family or duplex units. The recent apartment construction on Greenville Ave looks awful. All units should have garages, so they do not look like strip malls units. The planning group has not listened. The planning group has not listened. The traffic is bad enough, not to mention the sewer infrastructure. All you people do is back the developers, not the population. I do not think you are doing that great of job listening to the population. You can not even get the left hand turn light to work from Greenville onto Oleander. It took a lot of bitching to get the light put in, now use it!!!
    Now start listening and not trying to make this a big metropolitan area, if you do not like it move to Raleigh!

  6. As I crossed Oleander Drive on foot today to walk at Hugh MacRae Park, I thought how wonderful it would be to have a marked pedestrian walk with a light in that block between the College Rd. intersection and Pine Grove Dr. I know a pedestrian bridge is too expensive, but a marked crosswalk seems doable.

  7. How about a walking only mall 24/7 on Front Street between Market & Walnut Streets. This way new & old visitors could be safe, secure, & out of harms way of motorists checking out businesses while driving, texting, & talking on their cellphones!! Would make Wilmington have a mini National Mall experience & should attract more visitors by land & water for our small businesses!!!!

  8. Everyone should take advantage of the opportunity being offered to get involved and share your input for the future of your neighborhood. The Winter Park meeting was well handled and very enjoyable. I thank all the the city representatives I.e. Police, Fire, Zoning , Planning etc. Who were represented. These are our neighborhoods…..get involved!

  9. I think it’s important for Wilmington to carefully choose the type of industry we want here. Heavy industry and heavy polluters will destroy the historic and quaint architectural atmosphere here. They are also at odds with the tourist and leisure industries that have grown up in the past twenty or so years.