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We’re still at it. Although no public meetings are currently scheduled as part of the comprehensive planning process we are still at work compiling public input and drafting the planning document. If you have any questions or would like to provide any additional information please let us know.

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Beginning in October 2013, a series of Neighborhood Planning Area meetings were held throughout the city to gather input from residents on their desired future for their community. Results from these meetings can be reviewed on our ‘Public Input Results‘ page.

A citywide meeting was held on September 24th to present the Growth Factors Analysis (GFA) that was developed as part of the comprehensive planning process. The GFA provides the context, or ‘starting point,’ from which the community can move forward to create our shared vision for the future. Click here to view the presentation.

The planning process kicked off on May 14th with a city-wide input meeting. Participants were asked to brainstorm both their desired future and their unwanted future for the city.  Once ideas were recorded, participants were given the opportunity to vote for their top six “desired future” elements and their top four “unwanted future” elements.  Results from that meeting can be found here.

A series of “man on the street” surveys were conducted over the summer at various locations. These questions asked participants what they liked best and least about Wilmington and what was on their “wish list” for Wilmington. The results of these surveys can be found here: series 1 summary 


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